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7 Paid Methods That Increase Your Website Traffic Drastically

8 May 2015

Atlanta: If you run an online business, you will know how important it is to attract the users to turn them into your customers. You need to increase your online visibility and the website traffic. You basically have two different options to do that; one is to use free channels and the other is to invest some money on advertising. Free channels can bring a lot of traffic to your site but it requires a lot of time and effort. A successful ad campaign can bring thousands of users to your site easily and helps you boost up your sales.

Apple’s New WatchKit Takes iOS Apps to a New Level

27 March 2015

Atlanta: Apple has already made an official announcement that it will be launching Apple Watch on 14th April 2015 and the app publishers are in dilemma to decide whether to provide Apple Watch functionality or not. Obviously, most of the iPhone users want their apps to have the some kind of functionality with Apple Watch when they are released. It’s a kind of make or break situation for app publishers as the users would decide to discard the apps that do not provide any interaction with the watch.

Extraordinary Social Media Trends That the Web Designers Must Be Aware About!

24 February 2015

Atlanta: The landscape of social media is ever changing; it changes so rapidly that, staying head in the game is really a challenge. Over more than a quarter of world’s population is using social media and hence the developers and designers look out to stay ahead of the trends. We have a lot of social media trends to look out in the year 2015 related to web designing or a website on the whole. Let us get into detail and check out for some social media trends.

Here are a few social media trends to look out in the year 2015:

Top 10 Mobile Apps for Marketers

31 October 2014

Atlanta: The current marketer can harvest benefits from the mobile app revolution. Functional promoting software is becoming more and more obtainable in app form, making tools and data readily accessible on the go. Right from uploading blog posts to following campaign metrics, apps enable marketers to access details at their fingertips promptly and suitably.

There are lots of apps on the app stores and it is imperative to remain on top of your app promotion attempts. You can do this by employing other mobile applications to simplify your workflow.

10 Guidelines for New Drupal Developers

4 September 2014

Atlanta: Drupal is written in PHP and is utilized for the back end design. It is a free of charge and open source content management framework. It also pleases the necessities for a web application framework. Drupal developers do not require in-depth programming skills so as to set up and manage the basic website even if it offers quite a sophisticated programming interface for advanced developers. Any computing podium that is able to support a web browser is capable of running PHP and a database and that can be employed to store the contents is apt for Drupal.


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