Razoyo Qualifies Full-Time Magento Certified Developer

15 April 2014

While Razoyo has been building Magento-based web stores for past two years, even contributing to the code base, it now employs the first of many Magento developers to come. Attaining this milestone has been a long-standing company goal for the Texas-based company.

“We started working with Magento in the very early days of Magento Go in 2011," reminisces Razoyo president, Paul Byrne. "Our focus has always been on the small merchant who does less than $10 million each year in business, so, it was a natural fit. At the time, we weren't focused on certification because there was no certification program for Magento Go development.”

Razoyo promptly became known as a ground-breaker, often the first to build a wide range of custom applications for the Magento Go API and creating middle-ware solutions that let its customers to work with Google Trusted Stores, YotPo, 3rd party logistics firms and other services.

Razoyo's reputation quickly built to the point that Magento Go invited Byrne to give quite a few webinars for training Magento Go merchants. Within the community, it soon became common knowledge that Razoyo was the major Magento Go developer on the planet, having completed hundreds of Magento Go projects for merchants.

“After working on over a hundred or so Magento Go stores we started getting requests from Magento Community merchants to help them with their stores. We initially turned them down, but, when we found out how much they had in common with our Magento Go merchants, we decided to dive in head first, which is how we got to this milestone,” says Byrne.

“The test was difficult, clearly probing your knowledge of the Magento code base," commented William Byrne, son of Razoyo's president and Razoyo's first developer to pass the test. "I've been working on Magento sites for over a year, but, I put off taking the test thinking I needed more experience. Fortunately, I passed, with a much higher score than is required. The Magento U tools were critical to my study, but, you really have to know the specifics of the code, so, hundreds of hours of code diving is how I finally gained the confidence to take the test.”

Razoyo has more developers in training that it expects to certify in 2013 as part of its continued Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition services expansion.

“We are expanding aggressively, but, we don't want the huge projects," remarks Paul Byrne. "Most developers won't touch a Magento Enterprise build with a budget under $100,000 or a Community Edition project under $20,000. We know that those numbers are simply beyond the reach of many small merchants. Razoyo stands on its record of builds under $25,000 for all Magento Platforms. We can even get a Community Edition site up and transacting with a responsive design package for less than $4,000, including training the merchant on Magento. Those are numbers a small merchant or startup company can afford. Helping new merchants succeed and grow, that's our greatest achievement.”

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