Extraordinary Social Media Trends That the Web Designers Must Be Aware About!

24 February 2015

Atlanta: The landscape of social media is ever changing; it changes so rapidly that, staying head in the game is really a challenge. Over more than a quarter of world’s population is using social media and hence the developers and designers look out to stay ahead of the trends. We have a lot of social media trends to look out in the year 2015 related to web designing or a website on the whole. Let us get into detail and check out for some social media trends.

Here are a few social media trends to look out in the year 2015:

  1. Mobile will be priority: Social application is one of the most used features on mobile devices; in fact 65% of social networking activities are happening through mobile devices. So it seems like the mobile devices are becoming the first choice for people using social media. As more number of people are getting smart devices, there will be even more users who would consume web content through mobile devices. So in order to offer the best possible experience, social networks are building their platforms with an idea of ‘mobile first’.
  2. Social shopping: Social shopping (s-Commerce) is one among the most important social media trends for 2015. Social networks are creating several ways to manage payments without having to leave the network. They just want to be your online wallet as they know that shorter the path to conversion, more likely the conversion to take place. They manage the transactions for you while making them as short as possible. They want the conversion to happen on their own site so that they don’t have to leave their site.
  3. Social video: Most of the people are getting migrated from text to video content. These days the videos can be created and shared seamlessly with iPods, smartphones, tablets and other smart devices which can show a lot more that can be conveyed in the text. Also, they don’t take too much of time to create videos and the users need not worry about their photography or writing skills. Some services like Instavid, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Vine and other social video services are some of the great ways to build brands or to show off any product.
  4. Personal privacy: Privacy has been a main concern for people when it comes to social media networks. True piracy is very hard to achieve; but some of the networks are working on it to aid users remain anonymous when they choose something. Recently Facebook has also recommended the use of anonymous access that allows users to access web pages without being tracked. Users can also try alternative networks like Whisper and Ello to remain anonymous.
  5. Niche networks: Generally a niche network is a network made for a particular group rather than for masses. It’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of network. In the niche networks you don’t have to bother about the one in a group on Facebook trying to talk to you when you are catching up on web development news. You can just focus on one thing without losing your concentration. Niche networks will be more focused and it brings the users having common passions or hobbies into a single network.

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