Apple’s New WatchKit Takes iOS Apps to a New Level

27 March 2015

Atlanta: Apple has already made an official announcement that it will be launching Apple Watch on 14th April 2015 and the app publishers are in dilemma to decide whether to provide Apple Watch functionality or not. Obviously, most of the iPhone users want their apps to have the some kind of functionality with Apple Watch when they are released. It’s a kind of make or break situation for app publishers as the users would decide to discard the apps that do not provide any interaction with the watch.

The models that support Apple watch are iPhone 6, 6 Plus and iPhone 5/5S/5C which are running on iOS 8.2 or later. The users who are using the models prior to these can upgrade their phones and can have the support of Apple Watch. But cost has been a barrier for many old iPhone users who want Apple Watch support.

Apple Watch exhibits a new way of relationship that the people have with current technology. The device will be able to render the whole new experience to the customers on their wrist. They just have to learn how the existing app notifications show up on the watch. Making use of Apple’s WatchKit, the users can take their apps to a new extent by extending the functionality on Apple Watch.

WatchKit apps have two main things; WatchKit extension that runs on iPhone and a set of interface resources installed on Apple Watch. When a user opens an application on Apple Watch, the WatchKit extension runs in the background on their iPhone; this updates the interface that responds to the user interactions.  

Here are the three features that let you extend your iPhone app to Apple Watch:

  1. WatchKit for building apps: WatchKit is a launch-able application which appears on the home screen of your Apple Watch. It’s the main thing through which the users view and interact with an app on the iPhone. It offers the means to view the data and also lets you manipulate that data.
  2. Glances: Glance refers to a focused interface which is used to display the most important information of your application. Its name looks quite apt for it as it is intended to have a look quickly. Glances can’t be scrolled; they exactly fit on to a single screen. Users can just read the glances as they do not contain any buttons or switches to control.  
  3. Actionable Notifications: Apple Watch makes use of a minimal interface to display the content of the incoming notifications. These notifications let users take action right from their wrist. Apple Watch works with the assistance of a paired iPhone and displays the local and remote notifications.

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