7 Paid Methods That Increase Your Website Traffic Drastically

8 May 2015

Atlanta: If you run an online business, you will know how important it is to attract the users to turn them into your customers. You need to increase your online visibility and the website traffic. You basically have two different options to do that; one is to use free channels and the other is to invest some money on advertising. Free channels can bring a lot of traffic to your site but it requires a lot of time and effort. A successful ad campaign can bring thousands of users to your site easily and helps you boost up your sales.

Below mentioned are the 7 common paid methods to increase your website traffic:

  1. Banner Advertising: It is the most common advertising forum on the web; in banner advertising, we need to create an attractive ad banner and place it on some high traffic and relevant websites. This helps you maximizing the click through rate as well as the conversion rate.  The usual models that are used in banner campaign are CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions).
  2. PPC Advertising: You can employ PPC advertising to boost up your business with minimal cost. You can make use of Microsoft Adcenter, Google Adwords or any other services to create your own PPC campaigns. The text or video ad with PPC pricing model is an effective tool to support your online business.
  3. Social Media Ads: Social networking ads like LinkedIn ads, Facebook Display ads and others have been a popular way to promote a website these days.  It is because the social media websites offer worthy demographics which enable webmasters to buy a space to display their message to the targeted audiences.
  4. Buy Opt-In Email Lists: Email marketing is also one of the best strategies to promote your website; it can help you in generating useful leads for your company. But while investing on this kind of marketing, first you need to make sure that the email lists are collected in a legal way. Using stolen email addresses will not provide you the intended results rather it leads to some legal issues.      
  5. Ads on Newsletters: You can also purchase some ad space on highly targeted newsletters that have thousands of subscribers. It improves your exposure and helps you in increasing the traffic of your site. The cost of this kind of advertising depends on the number of subscribers that the newsletter has and also the size and position of the ad.    
  6. Affiliate Programs: You can recruit thousands of online marketers by theoretically launching an affiliate program. These programs help you in promoting your website at a very low cost. They increase your sales meanwhile and also help in building a network of collaborators that generate leads to your company.
  7. Paid Reviews on Blogs: Another affordable way to boost your traffic is to get some paid reviews from influential bloggers. It’s certainly a useful approach when you want to inform your audiences about a new service or a product.  

Increasing the web traffic is often considered as an important task but one should never forget that having more visitors to the site doesn’t increase your sales automatically.

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