Importance of User Stories and Scenarios in UX Design

There was a time when a good web design just meant some new features and simple navigation. Anything thought by designers was looking good. We trusted the designers taste so much that we used to keep our own logic beside.

Sometimes it was working out really well, but sometimes the usability suffered a lot. But now, it seems like the things have changed a lot in the favour of users.

Today the designers are thinking from the user’s perspective and going accordingly even if it contradicts their opinion, and surprisingly the results are positive. So we can say that the user stories and scenarios play an important role in achieving a good UX design.

User Story and User Scenario

  • User story is simple and brief description of a user and his/her needs. In a user story the needs will be explained in their own perspective and in their own words. Basically, the user stories reflect the problem in a way the user sees it. User stories are short but descriptive; they don’t capture all the details of users, their ideas and background, but they give an immediate understanding about the product.
  • User scenario is a detailed description about how the users are going to use the product and why do they use it. The user scenarios will generally be longer and descriptive than the user story. A perfect user scenario comes in such a way that it clearly defines the context in which the product is going to be used. It answers few very important questions like who’s the user and what do they want to accomplish through the product.

How User Stories and Scenarios help in UX design?

  • The user stories and scenarios always keep the user in the centre of design and development process as it’s easy to carry away the features and functionalities that do not contribute to the user’s goals. The user stories and scenarios make it easy for the developers and designers to implement the technical requirements as it gives a clear picture of the product.
  • As the user stories clearly describe what the users want to achieve and the expectations they have from the product, designers can be more accurate with respect to project scale estimation as well as the time required to perform the tasks.
  • On the other hand, user scenarios provide all the details about the user interaction with product; this helps designers in discovering the requirements. A good user scenario outlines the path that the user traverses and also the features required to achieve the goal.

When the designers have plenty of information about the end user, they can turn out all the information into a useful and meaningful UX design.

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