How Magento Newsletter Popup Can Help You Grow Your Subscribers List?

Web designers and developers generally strive to keep themselves updated about the trends in the industry. They keep trying some new ways to meet the needs of the customers and keep them contended.

And, if it’s an ecommerce website, the responsibility is even more. The developers need to see what they can do to impress the client, what products can they offer to help them boost their sales, increase site traffic and provide an enjoyable experience on the website.

User experience is something that depends on the look and feel, usability, navigation of the website, but getting the users back to the website can be done by providing them an option to subscribe to newsletters through simple popup. Magento’s newsletter signup functionality makes it really easy to add this feature to the website.

Dramatic Increase in Number of Subscribers

Yes, recent surveys have shown that one can dramatically increase the number of subscribers to the websites by using newsletter popup option instead of a simple email subscription form. Experts have been using this for quite some time now and have seen a significant increase in the number of subscribers and conversions.

It’s also estimated that, email marketing which is closely connected to newsletter signup will provide about 10-30% of traffic to your online store.

Win-Win Situation for Buyers and Sellers

There’s not even single drawback for the website having newsletter popup extension at their Magento stores. The website users are just asked to provide their email, so that they’ll get regular updates on what the website has got to offer.

On the other hand, benefits for the site owner are endless. Having newsletter popup extension will not only collect subscribers’ email details, but also provides some valuable insight on the target audience.

Run A/B Tests and Choose the Best Popup

You can also see how the popup is working in newsletter popup statistics; it also helps you choose the best and most successful popup by running simple A/B tests. You can easily monitor the newsletter popup; you can check the popup views, conversion rate, orders count, grand total and total revenue.

More than anything, there will be a complete history or user interactions with the newsletter popup which shows successful subscriptions, time of subscriptions and related geographical location.

Three methods which were used earlier to bring this newsletter popup are mentioned below.

  1. After specified time – It is a standard method to display the popups used by many online merchants.
  2. When the user is leaving (Exit lightbox) – It’s a popular exit intent popup which is displayed to the user when he/she is trying to close the website.
  3. Manual – It’s a popular and useful popup display method which is mainly used by developers who trigger popup display on their custom JavaScript event.

But now, a new popup display method called “on page scroll” has been recently added to the plugin functionality. This is really a simple method which makes the popup appear on the screen when the user is scrolling down the page. So, now there are four popup display methods available for you to choose from; you can simply run some A/B tests and choose the one that suits the best.

There are 20 ready to use themes which are accompanied with the newsletter popup extension; whichever you use, make sure the newsletter popup compliments your website theme. You can also edit these Magento newsletter templates as you need. Whatever you do, make sure that you put in some extra effort and make the popup unique so that brings visitors to the store.

So after knowing how a newsletter signup popup can help you get more visitors to the store, you should now be thinking of having a Magento newsletter popup on your site too. Aren’t you?

If you are planning to have this on your site, or planning to build a new ecommerce website, let us know what your needs are. We at Fortune Softtech Atlanta have exalted Magento developers who can provide you the required assistance to build an amazing ecommerce store.

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