6 Reasons for Drupal Being an Immensely Popular CMS

Before diving into the development, developers need to choose a platform to build the website. Most of the developers say that, success of a website depends a lot on the tools used to build the site. The website will be as good and efficient as the tools used to develop it. If you go with the wrong platform that doesn’t match with your requirements, you will probably end up with the disaster.

Generally, developers consider lots of factors while selecting the development platform. Drupal, one of the most popular platforms, seems to have everything that the developers look for. It is a free and open source platform which is being used by individuals and organizations of different skillsets. If you are looking for a complex system for managing the content or if you just want to build a site which is capable of doing everything you can imagine, Drupal is probably the best choice for you.

Here are 6 main reasons for Drupal being so popular:

  1. Limitless functionality: Website built using Drupal will have limitless functionality. You can use unlimited number of event calendars, forums photos and videos. The platform also supports multiple users and manages the workflow seamlessly. The multiuser support makes it extremely useful when you are building a website for an enterprise client.
  2. Intuitive: The platform is easy to use and understand. There are several community portals which allow users to share their photos and stories; if a community portal is built using Drupal, the portal will have inbuilt mechanisms that promote great features and stories based on the voting results.
  3. Powerful networking abilities: Drupal is certainly a great choice for the sites which are built for networking (like campaign websites) because the platform has extremely powerful networking and collaborative capabilities.
  4. Secure: Today there are numerous government websites which are built using Drupal; the reason being, security features of this robust platform are constantly improved which makes it ideal for the sites that carry out financial transactions or the sites which hold sensitive information.
  5. Community of developers: The Drupal community members develop exceptional software and offer them for free. The community provides website owners the free access to the solutions for which they have to pay a lot otherwise. Drupal offers cutting edge technologies as it has a community which creates extraordinary solutions.
  6. Customizable: The platform is highly customizable and has the ability to support different content structures. This ability makes it susceptible for the websites of different industries. So whether you are building a site for a school or any government body, Drupal is definitely the best platform you can trust and rely upon.

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